Yard Card DIY 4 ' x 4' Sheet - 4th of July - Coroplast -Flash and Flair! FREE Shipping - Cupcakes! Stars! Ice Cream!

Yard Card DIY 4' x 4' Sheet - 4th of July - Coroplast Yard Cards! Cupcakes! Stars! Ice Cream!

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These designs are printed on a 4' x 4' sheet of 4mm coroplast and contour cut.  Each image will be cut out to shape.  You get lots of signs for ONE price!  They are ready to use.  

Set Includes:

4th of July "All In One" Sign - 23" x 28"

Rockets are 18" x 22"

Uncle Sam Hat - 18"

Red White and Blue Triple Scoop Ice cream cone - 18"

Starbursts - 18" each

Cupcakes - 16" each

Items offered individually too!  See our Individual Products category.

A great addition to your yard card company inventory!