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Epic Print Concepts is always here to help you with your PVC / Plastic sign needs. We love helping people with expert advice on designing their plastic sign. Our goal is to help you create a sign that will be compelling, eye catching and clearly communicate what you want to say. Have a question?  Fill out our Contact Form.  Want a Quote? Click on Quote and if you are ready to Order, click Order.  

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About Our PVC / Plastic Signs

Our high quality PVC / Plastic Signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Since everything we do is custom, we can offer all of our signs in a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes. PVC / Plastic Signs are light weight and easy to hang just about anywhere. Ours comes in both 3mm (3/32") and 6mm (1/4") thickness. The smallest we currently print is 2" X 2" and the largest we currently print is 60" X 96". Rounded Corners, Cut Outs and Drilled Holes are included in the price. Handles and a matte finish spray can be added as well for a small additional charge. Our signs can be printed on a single or both sides and as long as it is maintained properly, they will last you for many years to come!

Rugged PVC / Plastic Signs:

Our PVC / Plastic signs are made from the highest quality plastic. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can be mounted on just about any type of wire frame or even something as simple as wooden stakes for outdoor use. For inside applications, they can be displayed using ropes, Velcro, Command Strips, hung like a picture or even simply propped up against other items.

PVC / Plastic Sign Care:

PVC / Plastic Signs are pretty easy to maintain.  Simply clean with mild soap and water, with a micro fiber or cotton cloth. Do not use abrasive chemicals or cleaning rags. This could cause scratches or even damage to your sign. Store your sign in a dry place where it cannot be damaged by other things smashing into to the surface. If you follow these simple rules, your sign should last you for many years to come! 

On the order page for PVC can we use different pictures for 3mm and 6mm?  I’ll attach a few to choose from, but personally, I like the ones with the 3mm and 6mm in red.  It will make the page look a little easier to figure out what they are trying to order.

Common PVC / Plastic Sign Uses:

PVC / Plastic Signs have many different common uses. Here are some events at which you would use a PVC / Plastic Sign: