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Epic Print Concepts is always here to help you with your prop sign needs. It is our pleasure to give you expert advice on designing your sign if you need it. Our goal is to help you design a prop that will be compelling, eye catching and clearly communicate what you are trying to say. Take a minute to fill out our Contact Form on this page and we will get in touch very soon! Ready to order? Click "Choose Your Sign" above.

About Our Prop Signs

Signs, we see them everywhere. People use signs to grab the public's attention. A Prop Sign may be trying to stimulate an interest in a product or event or even a political persuasion. But what ever you want to use your sign for, Epic Print Concepts has your back! We can custom signs with no problem! Signs can be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions for an extended period of time and we want to make sure that our signs will hold the line and be there day after day communicating your message to all who will see it.

Maintenance & Care

Our Prop Signs are built tough. Sometimes, a Prop Sign can becomes tainted from exposure to the elements. This can cause your sign to appear dirty or smudged. Most of the time, it is a simple matter of washing off the dirt with a garden hose. Once again, your Prop Sign will be restored to it's bright and beautiful condition and ready to serve your needs once again.

Taking care of a sign is pretty easy. There are only a few things to remember while taking care of your sign. Do not use harsh or abrasive materials when cleaning it. This includes both the rag or wiping material and the cleaning agent used. Try using a microfiber or cotton cloth if possible. Any other type of materials can scratch and/or damage the surface of the sign, depending on what it is made out from. Make sure your sign is completely dry before storing it away.

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Prop Sign Bundles

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