Hashtag Signs


Please tell us what you want your sign to say?

Tell us what colors you want. Simply describe them, or to get EXACT colors, you can go to: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ and choose a color from the picker, then your “HEX” code for each color can be seen at the top of the color picker. Simply copy each hex code into this space before submitting.



Hashtag Signs are a lot of fun and can be used at many different types of events.  By the way, we use hashtag signs in our Photo Booth Rental business.  The “hashtag” has become a well know symbol through out social media.  We even see the word “hashtag”  being used in our everyday conversation with one another.  This article from Wikipedia will explain how we think this all got started. 

Epic Print Concepts only needs to know a couple of things in order to create your special sign.  First, what do you want your sign to say?  Last, what colors you want.  It’s as easy as 1,2,3!  But, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  Our contact information is listed at the bottom of this website.  Last but not least, we always look forward to serving you!

1. Place and pay for your order
2. We will design your sign and email you a proof, let us know what you think.
3. Once the proof is approved by you, we will print and ship your order.