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Funny Wine Glass Props

Picture with a bunch of wine glasses with sayings on each one.

Wine Glass Custom Sign Props

Custom Sign – Wine Glass Props!

This Wine Glass Props custom sign with funny saying help remind us that life is still good! Maybe not so much right now as we are in the middle of this Corona virus pandemic, but hopefully soon!  Everyone is on edge!  I’m working from home, with a teenager who wants to sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and then reluctantly gets up, and…. sit in bed, on her phone, until she takes a nap.  Insert Eye Roll here!  And, I have no suggestions on other things she can do because we are staying home, other than wash the dog or the car (ugh, the yellow pollen all over the place), which she has successfully managed not to do for 3 days… so far….  I believe remote school will start next week for her…  fingers crossed! 

As a small business owner, I’m also trying to navigate all the scary questions we have right now on what to do to stay in business, even though we have very few orders for signs at this time, and no real idea on when this Corona storm will end, so things can “get back to normal”….  whatever that will look like.

So, I’m betting there’s a lot of people on Corona-iso that KNOW that wine is a great attitude adjuster, anxiety reliever, and all-around happiness maker!  Well, at least it helps to take the edge off, when we are ON the edge!   Niki, the Graphics Guru and Head of Sarcasm (my business partner) has been having fun letting her creativity out for a spin while stuck at home.  Go Niki! 

They all look great….right? Want a set of these or maybe your very own customer set of wine glasses? Go here today or visit our Etsy site as well.